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Bad IPs again, please tell me what IP range(s) should i block!!


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Sorry guys, i know this is sort of not related to µTorrent but they slowed down my upload speed and also i couldn't find experts like you guys who could assist me on this.

Please tell me what exact range(s) should i block in ipfilter.dat ?

Sequential IPs and using the same client (Azureus and they are 0.0% all the time and not moving!!

I couldn't take a screenshot, so i had to spot them one by one (they are random)

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A search here:


...of the ips you listed turned this up:

Net2EZ NET2EZ (NET-72-172-64-0-1) -

Smart Start SMART-START (NET-72-172-88-0-1) -

Definitely some BitTorrent poisoners.

GOOGLE searches of Net2EZ and Smart Start might turn up more information if you REALLY feel like digging.

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Yes, Net2EZ owned by MediaDefender. And there are bunch of people complaining about this all over the web.



I blocked


Thank you both for the help :)

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