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Is someone hacking my utorrent?


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I am seeing torrent files that I never downloaded to my comp. There were torrents for ESET update that I never downloaded. I used to use ESET though its uninstalled long back. The torrents appeared when ESET was not installed and I did not download it. They were not a nuisance as I could delete them and they didnt come back.

Utorrent started downloading debian linux even though I didnt even download the torrent file. It suddenly popped into my active downloads. Deleted this also and did not come back.

I currently have only one torrent downloading. But, the download speeds in the status bar and the dl speed of the torrent I am downloading is different. I can see dl speed of 0.1 - 2 kBps in the status bar after stopping all my downloads and also before any of my download starts.

A month ago my classmate tried to make a wi-fi connection with my comp. He wanted to access through my comp wi-fi radio antenna or whatever. He did everything right but could not turn on the antenna. I have deleted all connections he created. That person also has moved to a different city. Could this be a reason? Or is it something else? Even though this can be wireless internet connection hack, what about the debian that appears?

System config: Xp sp2, AVG firewall disabled, wireless connection with HUAWEI 3g modem with 144 kbps max speed, no port forwarding, AVG full system scan over, nobody else is using my comp these days.

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