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red arrow+slow speeds


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Hello everyone! i am not new to utorrent per-say (i have been using it for close to five years now), but i recently moved and am now experiencing some problems. for one all my downloads constantly show a red arrow next to them. i have researched and i guess that this means they are having a hard time connecting to peers. i also am experiencing speed problems. my downloads take forever to start and when they do they aren't going very fast. (40kB/s). also the little icon in the bottom constantly switches between a yellow arrow and a green check. At first i thought it was my ISP so i gave them a call and they said i was fine. but i did notice that the port on my modem is not forwarded (it is a Joohong superlinks 2810.) i currently have no anti-virus and my firewall has been disabled. i have a static ip and have enabled protocol encryption. Once again guys i am not new to utorrent itself but have never ran into this kind of problem nor do i know much about the networking side of this particular program. i run windows vista 64 bit. Any help would be much appreciated!

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