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Add New Torrent Prompt - File List is completely blank


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I think this happened after i accepted the 1.8.2 update.. never happened before until today.

Adding a torrent, you normally get the Add New Torrent Prompt. And then you see a list of files you are downloading using the torrent...

I have tried a few different torrents and all of them are showing a blank list of files for download.

Clicking the OK Button will add the torrent to Utorrent and clicking on the File List details Tab in Utorrent will show the files associated with the torrent... but not when you initally have the Add New Torrent Prompt..

Anyone else have this problem?

I also posted this topic, but wasn't sure if it's related: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=393153#p393153

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