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how many seeds should i be running at one time


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If my max upload is approx 40kb/s and i am seeding 8 files. This is giving each seed an average of 5KB/s. If have my max number of slots per seed set to 6 i will regularly have indivdual leechers getting speeds of less than 1kb/s.

My question is, should i seed less files to give higher upload speeds to less leachers or seed more files and give lower upload speeds to more leechers.

It makes no difference to my stats as i am always uploading at 40kb/s but what is the best "upload ettiquette"?

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At least 3 KiloBYTES/second per upload slot.

This means ~13 total upload slots since 13 x 3 is 39.

So 4 torrents with 3 upload slots each...or 6 with 2 upload slots each.

Or just set them to 1 upload slot each...but do note that can cause some torrents to not be seeded at all despite available peers part of the time when it's changing from 1 peer to another.

Keep the allow additional upload slots if upload speed <90% option checked in any case.

While downloading, it's hardly worthwhile to upload much faster than 10 KiloBYTES/second per upload slot...since most peers cannot return the favor that fast. But if your goal isn't to absolutely maximize download speed even at the expense of upload speed then there's probably no harm in it.

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