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Incompleted Download tasks


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I would like to ask if there's a solution for the problem I'm experiencing:

Finished torrents reports 100% after "force recheck" but If I reload the torrent and point to the downloaded folder, force re-check again, it reports 99.9% or the likes.

System Inf.

Windows vista 64x


CPU Core 2duo

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Ok can you try this.

1/ Select one of torrents from your last post.

2/ Go to Files tab.

3/ Right click on the header or a random column (size or path e.g), select 'First Piece'

4/ Then do an ascending sort by clicking on header of First Piece column.

Do you see if red broken edge pieces appear only when they overlay a skipped file AND a downloaded file?

(In other words, a downloaded file located 2 downloaded files doesn't have red broken edge pieces.)

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