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Problem when torrent files have duplicate names


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I recently downloaded 3 torrent files that had all been given the same name by the poster, namely "uploads". Mozilla Firefox (or Windows XP?) automatically renamed them by appending numerals, but when I then loaded them into uTorrent the torrents all reverted to their original name. On completion of downloading uTorrent moved the files from two of the torrents to a single folder named "uploads" in my designated location for completed downloads, mixing the files in the process. The files of the third torrent stayed in another folder named "uploads" in my designated location for active downloads and failed to transfer to the location for completed downloads.

Is there some way to avoid this problem, or might it be possible to revise uTorrent to take care of it automatically? Encountering two or more torrent files of the same name is bound to happen again and it is quite vexing to find files mixed up in a common folder or not where they should be.

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