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1.8.2 Please list all settings of bt.transp_disposition

Mike KPM

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I've already read Firon's announcement regarding this issue and the only thing he/she says is:

Change: add bt.transp_disposition value (3) for uTP-only

But what does setting bt.transp_disposition at 0 and at 1 and at 2 do?

Also I wish to know specific information regarding all the settings for example: 0 only accepts TCP connects, that 1 accepts both TCP and UDP connections, 2 has UDP as default incoming/outcoming and will accept only TCP incoming and 3 means that only UDP will be accepted incoming/going it won't accept any TCP.

I repeat the above paragraph is not fact! This is an example of the complete information I'm looking for regarding all the settings for bt.transp_disposition.

Thank you.

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In 1.8.0 - 1.8.2, bt.transp_disposition controls which transport is used for outgoing connections only (that is, it doesn't filter incoming connections). The values are interpreted as follows:

0: attempt only TCP

1: attempt both TCP and uTP, drop TCP if uTP is successful

2: attempt uTP if supported, TCP otherwise

3: attempt only uTP

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Please, and what about the INCOMING ? What means "it doesn't filter"? Are uTP always allowed (or it doesn't support incoming uTP) ????

MANY of us need this info for setting our firewalls! Those who never use DHT mostly allow only TCP and ICMP type 3 (destination unreacheable) and may be messing/losing something important!

sorry, v1.8.1 support option "3", as you said? (this "bt.transp_disposition" ARE confusing/huge-hardly to learn!!! - we are all in need of a stiky topic with all explanation for all versions!!!! - PLEEEASE!!!)

Thanks !


to zhong881209:

don't you mean options "1" and "2" ???? (this can be misunderstanding, but "2" and "3"... - read again..)

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an 15-watt lamp is lighthning the tunnel now...

Thanks for the effort.

as I said, many still can't figure out how to properly set theirs FW's and routers to play well with both private OR/and public trackers, and everybody loses (mostly who is leeching and who depends on seeding, but also who is developing due to false statistics).

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Many firewalls and routers don't implement Windows UPnP correctly...so are as much (or MORE) to blame than "clueless users". Even when a firewall is "disabled", they often fail to pass traffic as they should...further compounding this problem! Not everyone even expects their antivirus software to contain a software firewall either...so many overlook it when they have firewall issues in uTorrent.

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OK, and there's much more than this. For an example:

Those who use private trackers only MAY have DHT and PEX disabled (as asked by those trackers). This way, with OLD versions prior to 1.8 (correct?), UTP wasn't needed, and those ppl MAY have UDP blocked in FW/Router.

Now, even with DHT and PEX disabled you may have UDP (uTP) connections in all new stable versions, even on torrents from private trackers. THIS new behavior is ONE source of misunderstanding for many (not for me). I think trackers will be updating their recommendations as soon as they realize this.

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uTP is unrelated to DHT, so it really has no bearing on recommendations related to PEX and DHT.

Besides, no one's crazy enough to block all UDP, considering DNS uses it, among other things.

uTP will offer one advantage in the near future though. It will allow for STUN (using other peers on the same torrent as the "helper" server to establish the connection, but not as relays), so many more people will effectively be unfirewalled for torrents. This benefits everyone.

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My router doesn't supPort many connections of UDP... if I enable uTP, my router stay idle for some seconds and kill the UDP connections... I have to disable uTP on uTorrent to my connection works fine :(

How this options is enabled by default in the new versions, many users who has a router who doesn't support it, will have problem...

my router is the TP-Link WR642G (Brasil), Any comments?

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