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Speedtest.net says 1860Kb/s DWN, But UTorrent wont go past 250Kb/s


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Hi, i've been a user of Utorrent for a long time but never really understood my internet speed problem, i hope you guys could help me solve it etc.

Im from the UK and my ISP is Orange (formely Wanadoo) i am paying for 2Mb broadband. I am using a wireless connection with a D-Link router.

My speed test is as follows:


If i am correct then this is around 1.8Mb as there is 1024 Kilobytes in a Megabyte.

I know that you re never supposed to get the full ammount of bandwidth that you pay for because of other people using it etc.

Although when i download anything, wether it is from Torrents a normal windows download or an updated, the speed will never exceed 250Kb/s

I am using port 6112 and i have forwarded it using the tutorials, i have a green tick on Utorrent. Even if i download something which has a extremely large ammount of seeders and less leechers the speed will not exceed.

I dont know if this is a Utorrent problem as it is the same if your downloading something through windows own 'download box'


EDIT: It seems that that test is measured in Kilobits (how stupid) and basically matches the same speed im getting off Utorrent etc, so this topic is basically useless?

If i purchase 8Mb broadband, will my download speeds increase? if so by how much? As im currently paying for 2Mb and only getting 1/10th of that.

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Ok so if i change the speed test to Megabits which is supposedly what i am paying for then i will get 1.94Mb. If this is the case then i take it i am only losing out on 0.06Mb on bandwidth, which i think is relatively good.

So say i up my package to 8Mb then i should get speeds of around 800Kb/s on UTorrent, correct?

Could anyone recommend a good ISP in the UK for these speeds?


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