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Strange Behaviour with Corporate Firewall


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I am trying to use this awesome program behind a corporate firewall. Thus I have to use a proxy for internet surfing, some other ports are open like World of Warcraft. When I now try to use Torrent I get a rather strange behaviour.

I can download WITHOUT putting a proxy into the settings from a specific tracker, this tracker runs on 6969 as far as I can tell(thats the port next to the announce thingy). I don't know if this port generally works perfect or only this tracker. But with this tracker I can download without any problems, very fast and reliable.

Okay now if I try to download another torrent from a different tracker it doesn't connect to the tracker at all. If I then put in my proxy, I can establish a connection to the tracker. It even after a long time starts downloading. But the the up and download speed is very slow and is very instable(meaning goes up and down). This tracker happens to run on port 3389.

So that's basicly it, now I am kind of confused, why I can connect to a tracker on port 6969 without my proxy and then the download works perfectly. On the other hand when I have a different port (I only tested this one other tracker on port 3389), I only get very slow and instable downloads and uploads.

I am not asking for how I can get superb speeds very time, not at all. I am just curious why my network is behaving the way it is behaving and how I can maybe use that.

Thanks in advance


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