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µTorrent problems with Windows 7 Beta Build 7000


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Hey guys, first of all let me introduce myself :D names fozy from UK :)

Basically, i run a copy of Windows 7 on one of my laptops (just to check it out), and so far everything µTorrent related has been good, except for one thing, which i have been racking my brains about for weeks now!

Whenever i put something on download, for example let's say a song, it starts to download, but then at 99% the speed slows down until it stops, then i press 'force re-check', and it gets stuck and crashes. I open µTorrent again and i don't know how but somehow the download loses data that has been downloaded and goes back to 30-50% completed or even worse, 0.3% lol! It's impossible to download because it always does that :(

That's not the only problem, the major problem is speed. My speeds top to about a 1 meg, but if i leave a large file on overnight, somehow the speed just caps to 10kbps and doesn't even go above it :S, and you may be thinking 'that's got to do with his ISP', but it's not, because all of my other computers which run Vista and XP don't have these problems and download without fail... and also my mates laptop does the same... I am thinking that this may just be a compatibility issue with µTorrent and Windows 7, if so then i hope this can help the developers of this awesome little Bittorrent client as they can improve it for Windows' next OS. But if any of you have a solution to my problem, it would be much appreciated :) I will revert back to XP but am keeping W7 on for a while, so if anyone can help i would really be greatful!

Thanks, Fozy.

EDIT: I am running the latest version of µTorrent if that helps :)

Another edit :P: Sorry mods, i only just realised that this is in the wrong section! :S

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