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LAN 'SUPER Download Mode'


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I am on a local area network in which the total bandwidth is monitored over a 72/hr continuous period. To bypass/alleviate this burden when downloading large files such as linux iso's, I try and get a friend who is also on the LAN to download the same file (having local peer discovery turned on). Note that local bandwidth is not monitored. This technique works reasonably well however I think it can be better.

What I'd like to see, something similar to superseeding, but for downloading.

Implemented by either giving users the option to add ip addresses to super-download with. Super downloading would require that peers be on each other's 'supderdl list'.

Or working off the existing local peer discovery.


Instead of making random packet requests, one's client would only request packets that neither he nor those in his 'super dl list' have. Doing this would help in drastically decreasing the total amount of i/o traffic that so many ISP's are cracking down on, but would greatly increase the speed in which a file could be downloaded.

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