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uTorrent is downloading only from very few connected peers


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Here is my setup currently. DSL modem -> Linksys SPA2102 VOIP modem -> Linksys WRT54GL wireless router

I am wirelessly connected to the WRT54GL, running Windows XP SP3 and uTorrent 1.8.2

I am on a 5000/800 kbps connection *DSL* - Am using port 1723 and it is properly forwarded (green check)

Currently, when I download from a torrent that has a lot of peers, if I set my max connections per torrent to 40 peers for example, it would connect to 40 peers, but would only download from 1 of them. If I increase the max connections per torrent and global connections to 500, it will connect to 500 peers but only download from 3 or 4. This ofcourse leads to very slow speeds.

I have only the Windows Firewall running on this computer.

My general settings:

Download speed: Unlimited

Upload speed: 25 KBps

Download ports: 100

Upload ports: 3

Please provide any suggestions.

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Try disable the Windows firewall.

It also breaks my eMule connection.

I also have problemas with my ISP, that blocks some IPs.

I think that to be connected to 40 peers does not mean that you will download from all of them.

Many times I am connected to 12 peers, but only 2 or 4 give me packs.

Maybe you are sending packs to some peers and receiving from othres, so the download speed depends only from some of them, but it is shown as if you are connected to all pears in the list.

I have experienced that a file of 2.77 GB stopped downloading at 91.4%

I was connected to 19 peers, all with 91.4% of the file and no one seed.

All peers was not sending me packs, but 3 of them was taking packs from me.

I think that the problem you have repported is a normal condition.

Many times the torrent is dead, or truncated and does not have seeds like the one I got.

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You are only uploading to 3 peers (3 upload slots) per torrent, according to the settings you mentioned using. So if you're connected to 40 peers, you're only uploading to 3...and causing the same effects you're seeing from others. This does not mean you need to raise your upload slot max. You many have problems uploading at all to any other peers, and they refuse to upload back as a result!

Peers only upload sporadically to peers not uploading to them. Seeds in theory should be uploading part of the time to every peer they're connected to, but if they too are connected to a lot of peers...the percentage of time that each peer gets can be stupidly low.

2nd link in my signature are conservative uTorrent settings...fewer peers may connect to you but slightly more of them should upload back to you, because YOUR upload speed isn't split between too many.

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