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UTorrent kills internet connection regularly


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Before I start:

1. Yes, I have gone through all the regular ways to fix it (max connections, DHT, UpNP etc...) I found from here and elsewhere.

2. Yes, I have played with the bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen with no result.

3. Yes, I have used TCPOptimizer to find optimal settings.

4. Yes, I have worked with and counted out my router, it is not the cause.

But NO so far haven't been able to find a consistent solution to this problem tha seems to be bugging suprisingly many. I'll describe it shortly here, allthought that's probably unnecessary for obvious reasons.


Connection is cut of regularly. On average up 1 min then down about 30 secs.

Reason: Unknow

So have I missed something, is there really a holy grail of solutions to this problem, or must I just taccept it and live with it?

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