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Utorrent, TCP Optimizer, Westell 6100


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My modems down speed is 1500+ and up speed 380+

Due to my modem/intconn crashing I decided to limit my utorrent speed setting by half but it still happens. So now i am going to lower the utorrent settings down to 768/128 as I do not remember having these problems prior to raising the setting to 192+.

I was also having the same problems with Shareaza which I had set at 1.5ADSL. Never had disconnection problems to my knowledge when it was set to 768.

My 1st question is whether I should use TCP Optimizer at 1500(my real speed) or 768 (my limiting speed)?

My 2nd question is if anyone knows why this happens with the Westell 6100?

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Bits. Since Westell 6100 has problems with too many Global connections im limiting the speed in Shareza & Utorrent.

Basically my question is that in TCP Optimizer should I limit the optimization to 768 or use my real speed of 1500? Will it hurt my connection and cause timeout if I use my real speed like in the other 2 apps?

Also does anyone know why Westell 6100 has these issues?

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