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uTorrent crashes when downloading large torrents


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OS: Windows XP (SP2)

Memory: 2GB

CPU: AMD Athlon x64 x2 3800+ (2GHz)

uTorrent versions: 1.8.1 and 1.8.2

Antivirus: Avira AntiVir

I noticed when downloading very large torrents, it goes for a while, after which I can hear this *ping* sound and utorrent goes nuts. I can't open it or close it from taskbar. It stops downloading any files. And it starts to allocate a lot of memory. Left it open last night and in the morning it was using 606MB of memory (this was with 1.8.2, I haven't tested if 1.8.1 starts to also allocate memory, but it also crashes like 1.8.2). Also, after I've terminated the process from task manager, my PC is very laggy for good ~5-10 minutes.

I'm not 100% positive if it's the large files that's causing it, but with smaller files it's all good and the problems started occurring when I tried to download these large files (80GB and 120GB to be specific).

My HDD should be able to handle them since it's 1TB drive (NTFS) with enough space left and I'm trying to only download portions of them.

I guess that's it. Got any ideas what could really cause it and how to fix it? Tried already downgrading to 1.8.1.

edit: Could it be my Antivirus trying to check all the files simultaneously and then locking up uTorrent or something like that?

edit2: Although when I download many smaller files with full speed it doesn't do that, so maybe the above isn't the problem...

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