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Have I Crippled Utorrent?


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I'm runing winXP.

My Utorrent is 1.8.2, which is the latest, isn't it?

It is connecting with the internet and doing something because it records numbers of peers and seeds.

But it is not doing any downloading or uploading.

I wonder if I could have crippled it somehow.

Utorrent told me there was a new version available, did I want to download and install it? I said yes. It started to do something. XP gave me messages, did I want utorrent to connect with the net? I said yes and I said yes and I said yes and then finally I thought this was a bit too much and I read the messages with all their dire warnings about something fishy going on and I decided to say no.

So I said no. the warnings stopped coming.

Utorrent (which had been running all th is while) continued to run. Now it is at version 1.8.2 which I suppose it was not at before, if the notice of new version was true at all.

Is it possible I've cut off the torrent upload/download feature and left myself with a crippled version that can count peers and seeds but can't do any more?

Or would it be all okay if it can do that much?

Why were there so many queries from XP? What would those last queries that I denied have been about?

Anyone got any ideas?


ab :)

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