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Be Carefull!!!


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Utorrent is flagged by

Pc Pitstop Exterminate.


the program "Pc Pitstop Exterminate" (a program to remove spyware) tells that Utorrent is a Trojan!

Ofcourse we all know here that isn't the truth. I would surely recommend we all visit "pcpitstop" and tell these programmers to update the Pc Pitstop Exterminate program, because utorrent ISN't a trojan, but a highly recommended P2P program (For example it flagged Lime Wire as a P2P, but Utorrent as a trojan.) Furthermore they should make Pc Pitstop Exterminate a FREE program, because... we didn't ASK for malware and spyware didn't we? It's usefull to clean up the mess these UNWANTED programs leave behind on a computer , but if AVG antivirus AND antispyware FREE does the trick for free , WHY PAY THESE SUCCERS????

And WHY does they flag utorrent wrong? It's a VERY USEFULL program. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!

It Works Fine For me. Just do NOT flag utorrent or limewire when you executed "pcpitstop exterminate" and it finishes the scan.


Friendly greetz

Wim From The Netherlands

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