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"Copy Peerlist", "Friends" & "Run on complete"


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Hi, I have 3 suggestions, I hope you guys agree with me.

1. When I Copy Peerlist I would like to get there resolved ip if that option is on.

Or some other way to get there ip resoleved in Copy Peerlist.

2. I would like an option to add my friends IP, and when we download the same torrent it would show

a friend icon next to country flag, or some other place.

3. I also would like a global option to run a command when torrent is compleate. Not for each torrent.

I know that member rafi posted my third option in here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=5009

I just hope it will be in an update soon.

Thnx for an great torrent client! (I dont want to change)

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