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Why upload slows down ?


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It's neither a bug nor a problem on your end. It's just a fact that you can't perfectly control how quickly peers send data to you. What options does µTorrent have?

1. Choke other peers in an attempt to have them reciprocate less data to you. Since BitTorrent is loosely based around tit-for-tat, if you upload less, then theoretically, other peers will send less data to you. That's highly unreliable.

2. Limit the rate at which you process incoming data. That doesn't limit the rate at which the peer sends data to you, though, so it doesn't actually conserve your connection's download bandwidth, just the perceived download saturation. That is, your router (and thus, your computer) still receives data at however quickly the peer sends data to you, but µTorrent simply doesn't accept all the data immediately. What does that mean? That µTorrent processes all incoming packets more slowly, including requests from other peers for you to upload data to them. Obviously, the slower you receive requests for uploads, the less you'll upload.

I'm not sure which behavior µTorrent uses, but my best guess would have to be 2. There may be others, but the point is that it is inherently impossible to tell peers how quickly to send data to you.

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