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Complete On keeps changing?


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I just started using uTorrent and I'm on 1.8.2

I keep the application open almost all the time and pretty much always have my list of torrents sorted by the "Completed On" field so my most recent completions are at the easy to find.

Without closing the application or anything I find that these Completed On dates change. The sort is still correct, but the actual values have changed.

After a file has fully downloaded is there anything else that would change this date and time? Just today I opened it and one of the torrents that I *KNOW* finished on January 27th now shows me a Completed On of 2/12 @ 4:51pm. I wasn't even home or on the computer then.

I've not been able to figure out what is making them change, or whether is has something to do with them seeding vs. queued to seed, etc...

Anyone else see this kind of behaviour? This a bug, or is something else going on?


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From: http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip

Completed On displays the date and time that the torrent job finished downloading. If the torrent job has yet to be completed, this column will be blank.

Perhaps there was a recheck on that torrent (after a PC crash or a restart perhaps) and the time changed after this matter?

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I'm not sure. I just opened it right now and with no restarts or crashes from yesterday to today it looks 6 files had their "completed on" date changed. Some were changed to late last night, some early this morning. Pretty randomly spaced out.

Is there something that would cause re-checks without having any sort of shutdown or crash? I just started using this application so I'm really not all to familiar with any special features or behaviours that might cause that.


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So tell us more: which OS are you running, which utorrent build of version 1.8.2 (last should be build 14458).

On which torrents does this happen (perhaps only on music files?)

You have any indexer running or software perhaps modifiying files?

Or did you modify/move/rename any files?

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