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Connection Problem


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Can anyone help me with the utorrent webgui, Ive been trying to get it working but unfortunately I can't

I keep getting an error in the internet browsers "The connection was refused when attempting to contact ---mysite-- "

I use no-ip for an address, which does link to my home.

I have a dlink modem which plugs into a dlink wireless hub... and ive tried port forwarding.. and it says utorrents listening port is open.

Im not sure what else to try lol

Works internaly in my network lol

Im trying to use the same port as the incoming connection (I have tried others and it still doesnt work)

Also I used http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=54058 and it says the port is open and ok...

So im guess there is a problem with a setting in my modem / hub?


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