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bt.graceful_shutdown and encapsulated new install


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I checked the following procedure several times with several ut builds.

1-Create empty settings.dat file for new encapsulated ut install, in a new empty folder (where I have writing rights).

2-Download utorrent.exe and save it in the same new folder where the new empty settings.dat was created.

3-Start ut, configure it as I intend to use it, including setting bt.graceful_shutdown as true.

4-Only after configuring every aspect of ut, I add new torrents.

5-Open Task Manager

6-Several hours later, while having active torrent(s), I exit utorrent normally (meaning, not forcing it's exit).

Ut exits and almost immediately it disappears from Task manager.

7-Every time ut exits I check it in an already-opened Task Manager window, and every time I see the same immediate response.

It seems this should be the expected situation, but I know from previous experience that when using bt.graceful_shutdown, ut takes several "extra" seconds to disappear from Task Manager. That would be the expected behaviour.

So while using ut again for several hours, I change bt.graceful_shutdown to false, as originally default. Again, same immediate response when exiting ut (as it should be with bt.graceful_shutdown set as false).

After several days using ut, I change again bt.graceful_shutdown setting to "true". Now when I exit ut, I can see it in Task Manager for several seconds after exiting. Just coincidence?

As I said, I checked this procedure with several versions, including 1.8.2.

Maybe, Is there any problem setting preferences before actually using active torrents? Any clues? A Bug?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you Ultima and Firon. I wasn't pretending to know how much time ut takes to exit. I don't have a problem with it.

I'm talking about what is happening when using bt.graceful_shutdown right from the beginning.

It seems that bt.graceful_shutdown is not really "true" when setting it right from the start.

Of course, it could be possible for ut to exit immediately even with bt.graceful_shutdown set to "true", but after setting it to "false", then exiting, and after setting it again to "true", the time to exit *is* longer almost always.

So, you see, I'm talking about saving "preferences" (and maybe some bug?) , not about the specific (more, or less) time to exit.

Could anyone reproduce this behavior?

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