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µtorrent absolutely refuses to seed a torrent and im freaking out


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i downloaded a torrent successfully. somewhere along the line, for reasons ill skip, i removed the .torrent file from utorrent. i tried to load it up again in utorrent with the original .torrent file, and get a message saying:

"it looks like the file you are about to download already exists in the folder for completed downloads. Do you want to use the data in that directory instead?

yes - use the data in the complete folder

no - download the torrent from scratch

abort - dont load this torrent; just skip it

the last two options im not interested in because because im trying to seed a torrent that ive already downloaded not download it again, and i dont even know what the yes option does, nor do i care, because when i click on it, it loads the .torrent file, status is queued for a few seconds, then status changes to downloading. argh! i do not want to download it but thanks for trying utorrent!

if i stop it and set the download location, it is directed at the original folder, just as it should be. so i force a re-check, and then it just begins downloading again. why god?

so i tried downloading a new .torrent file, and when i load it up i get the same message again. i cannot for the life of me get this bloody torrent to seed! i have two choices.....go insane trying to fix this......or fail miserably. i would like to fix this. please someone...anyone

ive read the migrating FAQ and also "migrating FAQ didnt work" thread and still nothing

shouldn't this be easy???

thanks in advance

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