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redirect peer connections?


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For the last 6 days I have been sitting with a file that is 99.9% done There is one file sitting at needing only 2 more meg to finish off the torrent.

Now according to the peer listing stats there are 0(24) seeders and 50(752) leechers (this of course varies up and down slightly as time goes on).

My question is since there are all these available seeders, is there any way or some settings that I can use to tell utorrent that of the 50 slots its holding open to use one to go look for a higher percentage completed torrent than what my files is currently at. This would enable me in a case like this to get at least one connection to one of the many seeders avaialbe to finish off the file.

Utorrent knows there are 24 seeders or it couldn;t tell me this info is there a way to direct it to go look for one of these?

Thanks may not be possible but if it is Suggestions would be appreciated

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