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Downloading Only SOME of the Torrent


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Hi There, If any one can help me on this one,

Im trying to download family guy season 6 (http://www.mininova.org/tor/2088070) and when utorrent opens up and you get the add new torrent page you have the option of selecting just some episodes in that torrent.

So i uncheck the boxes for the episodes i do not want and click ok.

When it comes up on utorrent the original size of the torrent is still there and when it finishes downlaoding the eps i ticked it wil say 35% of the torrent downloaded. Usually it will have the cut down size of the torrent and when finished will say 100%.

Anyways i go to open up the files and there al corrupted. This happens for any other torrent i try aswel not just family guy.

Any no whats the problem?


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