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Green Tick, Slow d/l's & blocked port.


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As stated, I have a Green Tick, slower than average d/l despite doing speed test and all ok, I did a glasnost test and everything fantastic.

My query is, how do you manage to have a blocked port yet can still download with a green tick?

I am downloading a lot slower than the average.

I also have this in my logger: [2009-02-13 20:17:21] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied. Yet I turned my windows firewall off (using private mode), I have Trend and nothing is blocked there.

If I need to change port (I have a Netcomm NB6 Modem/Router) which port?

No I don't have port forwarding, I was using Vuze and was having some NAT issues there with my port being closed yet was receiving local & remote file so therefore I didn't think I required port forwarding.

Sorry I am fairly new to all this, just trying to google as much info as I can.

Please if anyone could reply and please remember I am kinda new at this.

Many thanks

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