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i am a newbie to using utorrent and so i went to the setup guide right away. i checked my upload speed using dslreports and it averaged out to 264 kbps. so i set the upload speed to 256 kbps, which gave me a setting of 1 active download. however, it did not help much in increasing the speed. it still remained at around 10-15 kbps. however if i used the default settings, it atleast allowed me 4 downloads which even though the download average speed remained the same, allowed me to download 4 torrents simultaneously. also i do not understand if why even though there are quite a few number of seeders, does the download speed not go beyond 10-15 kbps.

also, how does adding more trackers help in increasing the download speed?

is there something that i am missing?

i am using a dlink glb-502T adsl2 modem, my ISP says a bandwidth of 1.5 mbps.

using windows xp, avira free antivirus, comodo firewall, spyware terminator

using fixed port 32768, configured it in the port forward section of my modem

enabled upnp and nat-pmp port mapping.

do let me know what other details you need in order to help me.

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Your ISP is probably disrupting BitTorrent traffic in some way.

The setup guide is to find a balance between download and upload, since if everyone tries to maximize their download even at the expense of upload...everyone would have very slow download speeds.

In my guide, 2nd link in my signature, it works just fine to raise max downloading torrents equal to the max active torrents at once. This is because your average upload speed PER active torrent does not change.

Global and per-torrent max connections can have a modest effect too. Too few and download speeds will be dismal, too many and download speeds might be ok to good but upload speed can suffer greatly.

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