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Good 'ol Advanced->Set Download Location... function


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Hey guys,

I migrated uTorrent from my Windows to my newly a shiny Mac. I copied the resume.dat file from the %appData% dir in my Win to where uTorrent stores its data file in Mac. I got it working perfectly fine, it remembers all my torrents and where they were left.

My only problem is that, obviously, each torrent still looks at my old Download path (something like "H:\My Downloads\Whatever The Torrent Download Is"). I've tried to look for the Win's Right Click -> Advanced -> Set Download Location... function, which I've used a hundred times before, but I can't find it.

Is it there? If it isn't, I will request it on the Feature board.

Please, if there isn't, could anyone be so kind as to point me if there is any way I can perform this? Perhaps just reloading the Torrent files would suffice? But I'm not really sure.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Awesome application.

After decompressing and executing. It took me (literally) less than 3 minutes to do the whole task. I moved the resulting resume.dat file to my Mac and it had absolutely no problems at all.

Congratulations on a really well developed app!

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I have a similar problem as MatuX only my issue is contained with in a 2 harddrive iMac system. My original default location was on an external hard drive which I needed to eject to work on it on another machine. So remembering the windows version I simply copied the entire folded to the internal HD expecting to be able to set the new download location and force recheck. No such luck. After changing the new download location I couldn't locate "set download location" for the existing files to continue where they left off. The force recheck came back with 0% on all files. So I switched the download location back to the original file on the external HD (which I hadn't trashed yet) with the same result.

So how do I get utorrent to realize I already have half of the files?

Thanks in advance for any help

P.S. I am a mac newbie too.

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