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Verizon DSL help please..


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I pay for verizon 3k service....

my normal daily non-torrent file downloads are pretty quick..

on the setting up Utorrent speed test, I am clocked at 2750 D/ 740U..

my 1st torrent download was 4.31 gigabytes and took almost 18hrs...

ok. done laughing?

I seem to to dl around 25kb- 45-kb with occasional bursts to 115kb for a while.

Can someone tell me what upload and download speed I should be setting at?

I have periods where my light is green for a while then turn yellow for longer time.

Also, I have read where you do not have to forward any port when you have a designated dsl line.. is this true?

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"2750 D/ 740U"

means 2750 kilobits/second DOWN and 740 kilobits/second UP.

Divide those numbers by 10 to get approximate USABLE down and up speeds in KiloBYTES/second.

In the 2nd link in my signature, you should be able to use the 700 kilobits/second upload settings.

uTorrent's firewalled light may turn yellow either when you're already connected to all the peers/seeds on the torrent and/OR your connection has become too overloaded to receive/respond to any more incoming connections.

Have you tried the 1st link in my signature for troubleshooting?

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thank you much,,

so this means I would set my globle D rate at 270[ or 0 for unlimited?] and upload at 70 in the option/preferences/bandwith section and un-check automatic

is this correct?

now if this is correct,

do drop down menu speeds [right click on D or U at bottom of torrent ]screen need to be left alone or do they change the "above personal defaults" if you change them?

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DEFINITELY uncheck automatic upload speeds!

You don't have to set global download max, unless you're constantly going over it.

My settings for 700 kilobit/second is a LOT more than just setting the upload speed!

The drop-down speed menus change your current speed permanently...until you change your speed again.

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got it.......

u have been very helpfull..

last 3 questions:

I SWEAR...!!!!

1]so where do you set your actual downloading speed

or is that determined by your upload speed?

my determined dl speeds would be 27-2800 divided by 10= 270

2] Is anywhere from 20hrs [give or take] normal for a 4.30 gig dl even concidering amount of peers/seeds or do I have a problem and should check elsewhere? ISP throttle etc...

3]those right click drop down D and U speed settings...

Is it advised to leave them alone as they change your speed permantly as you said or are they basically for "tweeking"?

thank you again......

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1.Yes, your max download speed is probably about 270-280 KiloBYTES/second.

2.However since you're not also uploading that fast, for VERY large torrents it's not uncommon for download to slow to the speed of your upload...because everyone's download+upload must roughly balance.

3.Generally best to leave them alone if you don't remember to change them back. :P

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