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no incoming connections, even though there is


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I have a weird problem that it says that there are no incoming connections, but there is. I am connected to other peers and am uploading.

I've been running utorrent for years and have all the correct settings, static ip etc.

have changed ports within router and firewall to no avail

any ideas?

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How many peers from the peers tab have the "I" flag?

none of them have the I flag they mainly have ud

Its strange, Everything was working fine, I have changed no settings, it also happened before I updated.

i tested to see if the port was open and it says no, modem and firewall are configured for the port

tried another port and it it now says it is open ( using port checker) but half and hour into it utorrent still says no incoming connections with yellow triangle (before it was red)

I tried another pc with utorrent and the same port and it works fine, so it has to be something with the pc

would peer guardian have anything to do with it

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