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Icon color change and time to update help?


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Been using uTorrent a few weeks and today noticed that some of the little "downloading" arrow icons have changed their background colors from blue to red. Why?

Like the poster here who couldn't find anything about some column headings like "#", I can't find what this color change means, if anything.

Perhaps the help file has drifted from being as useful as it was at one time, and needs to be updated.

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Because you didn't search in the FAQ:

http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#What_do … ns_mean.3F

Surely a tracker error (red arrow).

What is the tracker status of your red-arrow torrent job? (look at Tracker tab)


Thanks for the help. Looking at more of the FAQ, perhaps it is time to tell people that help is useless, and more pertinent, more current information is now in the FAQ.

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