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high upload killing all downloads


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I have a slow internet connection (256kbps) and I am using utorrent 1.8.1

I keep the download speed as unlimited and upload at 10kB/s and usually set it to unlimited when not using the computer.

Recently, I checked that few of the torrents are being uploaded much more than its set to and it is not a sudden burst.

Even when I set the upload limit for a particular torrent to 1kB/s; it will upload at 20-30kB/s.

I dont mind sharing but this kills my other downloads and if I'm working online, this really messes it up.

I have also noticed that the high uploads are happening only for a few leechers (some/most of them using proxies).

I want to know, how I can stop this massive uploads and limit them to a reasonable value (at least when I am working on the net).

I have tried to set the value for download/upload - 1. by right-clicking on torrent entry on the main page of utorrent and also using the preferences (CTRL + P).

Any help will be welcome.


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"Limit Local Peer Bandwidth" checked in preferences, BitTorrent?

Global upload rate limiting NOT set to "Automatic" (a checkbox) in preferences, Bandwidth?

(You want to manually control it with a fixed limit instead!)

Are you allowing more connections than I recommend for 256 kilobit/second upload in my Speed Guide (2nd link in my signature)?

Are you sure you have 256 kilobit/second upload speed max?

Often even with slow connections, max upload is less than max download.

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