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HTTP Error 500 - downloading from pwop.com


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I'm frequently getting an HTTP Error 500 when downloading a torrent (using RSS Downloader) from http://torrent.pwop.com:6969/announce.

I will try a different client, but I have preferred utorrent for a few years now and would prefer to stick with it. If anyone has had a similar issue and resolved it, that would be great to know.

If there is any information I can add to help let me know.

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I have. They asked me if I was getting a 500 error in the browser from the following addresses

http://torrent.pwop.com:6969 and http://torrent.pwop.com:6969/announce

They mentioned a 500 error means the site is unreachable, usually because there is no Internet connection or bad DNS config. As I have a valid connection it can't be this, hence my post.

I have just tried Vuse and I'm getting a 500 error there as well, will contact pwop once more.

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