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The usual: slow dl speeds


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I am really sorry to post another thread about dl speeds being slow but I haven't found anything else here quite the same. When I first used uTorrent (about 2 months ago) I received download speeds between 30 and 50 kB/s, which I figured were pretty good. A couple of days ago, I began receiving download speeds between 5 and 10 kB/s, and the same for upload.

I have ADSL wireless, and my ISP is bigpond which is not on the throttle list. I use a netgear router, with a USB wireless connection, Norton 2009 for a firewall and Windows XP.

I noticed my port was not being forwarded properly, but I managed to set it up so that it does. I also checked upload speeds, and received an average of 40kb/s. I set my preferences for connections etc. according to the table in these forums to 64kb/s (after trying the dialup settings). I also made sure that uTorrent was being allowed by the firewall. I also obviously went through the setup guide.

I suppose what I am really wondering is, is there anything that I could have inadvertantly done to change this? Like downloading a new version of uTorrent, or changing some crucial setting? Or is it more likely to be an ISP/hardware/software issue? Or perhaps even a swarm issue (i did attempt to torrent the suggested test programs in the setup guide, but also had slow speeds).

Sorry about the long post, but I have been fiddling with this for two days and just wanted to make sure I gave all the info to someone else.

Many thanks for any help,


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Ha ha no problem, thanks for the fast response.

I am not sure exactly what you mean by regular hittp downloads, I am a bit of a newbie with this stuff. If you mean when I do a speed test, what is the download speed, it is usually around 60 or 70kbps with upload anywhere between 30 and 60.

Is that what you are after?

i just thought also that maybe you mean the 'speed' given when you double click on the wirless connection icon in the task bar - which is always at 54Mbps. i gather by now that this doesnt necessarily mean all that much...

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