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Recheck function removes data from torrent download


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First of all many thanks to the mac dev.team. Their efforts are greatly appreciated, and uTorrent have made me regain faith in MACs and torrents again.

However, with v.0.9.1 there are some bugs. The connection issues are well documented now I guess, but also another issue is present.

I downloaded a torrent, and accidentally changed an image file. I deleted it, and did a recheck so I could complete the torrent and share. But several adjacent files were affected (an xxx.ape went from 100% to 98.5%, and smaller files whent down to 0%).

It seems there is a bug in the recheck function. Now I cannot connect with the torrentserver and finish the torrent (not 100% sure if this is uTorrent's fault though).

It's not a big issue, but an issue nontheless..

Thanks for listening.

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