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I have a lot of red X's!


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I thought I'd be clever and move my downloaded files within my download folder . In part to make it easier for my kids to find what they were looking for. I set up new folders within the main Download folder on my hard drive with easy names like "Family Friendly" and "Older Kids" and moved the files to the new folders. When I went back into Utorrent to seed - ALL the files I'd moved to new folders read the following message.

"Invalid Download State - Try resuming"

I quit uTorrent, and rebooted the computer - same message. So I put ALL the moved files back into the original download folder and rebooted. Still got the same red X's and message.

I like seeding and want to be able to do so for hours on end when I'm not home or overnight.

How can I correct this?

hope this all makes sense!


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