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Preview and choose what to download


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When i first started using utorrent 2 years ago after clicking download a torrent I used to automatically get a preview screen showing me different files that were going to be downloaded before pressing ok. As an eg. In preview screen of all downloads i was shown all files in that download and i was given a choice to down load screen shots mpg's or avi's I was able to unclick what i din't want before pressing ok.After some updates to the utorrent firmware in the past 2 years I don't get that preview screen anymore.How can i get it to automatically appear again before i press ok?

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Your NOT a noob you've helped me on this one.

This will do the trick!

There's one feature different from the other version i remember.

This one you have to click download and then press ok (download has now started) then press files tab at bottom and then while it's downloading you can remove whatever you don't need.

While the previous version of this feature you clicked download and another box would then appear with all files in it, you would then unclick what you didn't need and then press ok and then download would start.

Thanks again you helped

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@DWK: lol I can see how/why you misread the question xD

@daman52: If you're referring to the Add New Torrent dialog, then make sure you enable the following options in µTorrent:

Preferences > UI Settings > "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent"

Preferences > Directories > "Always show dialog on manual add"

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Once you are downloading a torrent... (or downloaded SOME files) is there a way to get that preview window back, to select/unselect more files?

I find the "Files" tab at the bottom, with TEXT names of the files in the torrent confusing, since all the folders are open and listed, as opposed to in a hierarchy, like in the "Add New Torrent" window.

Is there any way to get that "Add New Torrent" window back, and check and uncheck more files you want to download?


(ps. If not, could someone suggest it be included? The window is so much more convenient for choosing files than the "Files" tab.)

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That does not bring up a window where you can check or uncheck folders to download.

Under the "Flies" tab what I get is:








What I would like to do is to get the window where I can CHECK the "foldername" to get all of the files in a folder ... OR select them by clicking in the box.


(This is the window you get when you add a new torrent. I would like to get it when I want to CHANGE to a torrent, or add whole folders I want to download, etc. It is VERY useful when handling large numbers of files. - One can't even get this window if one opens the torrent again. All it asks if one would like to update the tracker. - Would be nice to have a "CHANGE torrent" option that brings up this window. - Seems strange that you only get it the first time you add a torrent.)

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It's not strange. It's called the "Add New Torrent" dialog for a reason. All of the options are already there in the UI, just presented in different locations. The ability to reopen the dialog has been requested before, but honestly, your main request is that you'd like the treeview accessible again, and that too has been requested before (others have requested that the treeview be used in the Files list as well).

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Excellent... I am glad to hear that the "treeview" is being considered. To me it helps a lot when compared to weeding through TEXT representation of the file structure... Although I will, of course, have to keep doing that while nothing else is on offer. - Hope it will be implemented in the future. Thanks.

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