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migrating from bit torrent add torrents not completing


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hi everyone,

just migrating from bittorrent to utorrent

upon adding a couple of torrents i have one my own and one via a website i have noticed that upon a force recheck the download is stopping at 99.x %

i am absolutely certain that at least my torrent is their in full. can someone please help me gain a 100%

thanks in advance

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not really sure what happened. think it may have been when i converted the non 128kbps mp3 files before transfering them to my xbox.

if i remember right i started by copying the files to a new folder first before converting and then later on thought i would save time by converting them directly out of my downloads folder because after forcing a re-check in bittorrent i noticed that it had nothing to do with migrating as some were 100% and others werent

none the less i just restarted all the incompletes and downloaded the missing file

thanks heaps for replying though

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