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cant connect to any torrent - tried everything - help!


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Hi guys

first post

installed bit torrent on my laptop and i cant get the thing to run - the program starts fine but i just get the 'DHT - waiting to log in' message at the bottom.

thought it was the router, removed that and connected directly to my virgin broadband cable modem (surfboard 4100).

Disabled the firewall completely, still nothing.

cheked if the post is open, it is, all ok, still nothing.

It did work for as while but then one day i turned the laptop on and i couldnt connect - other than that, i am on the net no problems, no hitches or gliches, my speed is around 7mbps currently, i have done a virus check and there are none, i'm running out of ideas.

the laptop is a packaged hell easy note sj51, i have all the latest upgrades and windows vista home premium is on its newest updates; i run firefox and ie with no problems, if its not my router, the software, the modem, my cabling or anything like that, the problem must lie in my laptop. any ideas?

as i said it ran fine some time ago but then stopped - i hadnt added any software when this happened.

im stumped.

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I also need help. When trying to download fron Btjunkie, all I get is a message that reads:

C:\Users\Gilbert's PC\AppData\Local\Mocrosoft\Windows\Temporary Internet

Followed By:


Followed by:

The archieve is either in unknown Format or damaged.

Someone please help. I can't get downloads anymore, only this message..

My email address: Titotaz1@aol.com

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