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About PE (protocol encription) and security


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I read about PE(Protocol Encription), and about its weakness.

In a paper say that the weak is "weak share key" based in torrent hash.

I have a question? if I use proxy in utorrent I know that it's used for trackers servers, but it's used for DHT too????

But if used for both:

what happen if I use for example Tor for proxy the tracker and DHT, if I use TOR network for trackers, my ISP can't know what torrent I'm downloading, and can't know its torrent hash.

It's a solution for this weakness in Protocol encription protocol???

I think maybe because, if my ISP can't know what I'm downloading, they can't use the "weak shared key" that is the hash. And the communication between peers will be dificult to read if don't know what is the first shared key, and after that the peers can exchange keys and make a secure communication.

After that if the ISP don't know weak shared key, diffie-hellman negociated key can't be know, and the exchange of data is secure after that.

I know that is not too secure, but I don't belife that ISP can keep track the torrent hashes over TOR network because, the output IP address on TOR network change all time.

I read this paper


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hi Switeck,

this web page dont say anything????

If you read this paper, and i belife that you know anything about it, because this paper is from 2/september/2008.

This paper said about some weakness of bittorrent Protocol Encription/Message Stream Encription, but i like to know if use proxys or autoproxys as TOR network can help to improve security issues in bittorrent.

But this paper said about Torrent Fingerprint Leakage, and is a problem that all bittorrent clients have because is a problem of Bittorrent protocol PE especification.

Please read the paper focus in page 10, where the paper said that utorrent is within bittorrent 6.0 the more insecure in their protocol encription implementations???

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When you're "leaking" details to the trackers in the clear, I'd imagine all the encryption in the world won't much help peer/seed traffic.

If you've disabled DHT and used something like TOR for tracker communication then uTorrent traffic would be rather hard to crack, probably not possible to do so realtime.

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thanks a lot Switeck

I have others question, DHT network use proxy in utorrent???

*Abviously using proxy but with other proxy settings unchecked.

*Other thing, your suggestion about disable DHT is because any ISP can read DHT network???

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