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Slow DL & UL speeds


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Hi, I have been a user of Utorrent now for quite some time, with generally good DL & UL speeds, until recently.

Whats happening is when I open Utorrent (1.8.2), my files start DLs and ULs very well, reaching a DL total of about 200kbps. After about 1min, everything slows to about 0.1kb/s. Each file has plenty of seeds and the ratio of seeds:peers is always around 2:1. even if I leave it for 48hrs, I still can only get a DL total of about 15mb

What I have tried:

Tried deleting some DLs so I have less DLs than Seeds.

Visited multiple websites to try tweaking settings like Connection, Bandwidth, Bit torrent, Queuing and Advanced (net max half open changed to 80, and installed the "half open limit 3.0".

Ensured my Port (43910) is open, which it is.

Tried to DL open office org - same problem.

Reverted back to speed guide settings.

I used to use "open DNS" severs but have since reverted back to my default ISP DNS.

Went to the thread "IF YOU HAVE SPEED ISSUES READ HERE FIRST". and tried all the suggestions there including Glasnost, which kept going all the way to the end of the test but gave me a message like unable to complete test due to a failure?????

My system:

Vista 32bit

AMD 3Ghz Processor

2Gig Ram


isp.net - yes this is their actual name (isp.net.au)

40Gig/month @ 8mb/s ADSL

generally get normal DLs fairly high (150kb/s) give or take



I hope I have given enough information.


PS I am in Australia.

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Your uTorrent.exe DLL list is cut off at the end.

You need to rule out if any of these are hostile:

LVComSer.exe 520

LVPrcSrv.exe 632

lxctcoms.exe 988

winvnc.exe 1812

winvnc.exe 2516

wmpnetwk.exe 2792

Kuma_tray.exe 2904 Kuma_Tray

indexer software is known to interfere with uTorrent:

GoogleUpdaterService.exe 2044

GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe 4072 GoogleToolbarNotifier Google Inc.

SearchIndexer.exe 2100

SearchProtocolHost.exe 9236

SearchFilterHost.exe 5760

You seem to have slightly more svchost.exe running than typical computers...this may be done by lots of specialty driver applications or malware/trojans/viruses.

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