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UPNP forwards wrong network card IP to router


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I'd like to use the UPNP port forward function. However, as I have two network cards in the PC, it always forwards the incorrect one.

NIC #1 = gigabit, PC IP =, internal network

NIC #2 = 100mbs, PC IP =, connects to router

Even when I specify the client to bind to IP, utorrent and UPNP always forwards to the router

This is most likely not a problem with utorrent, but was wondering if anyone had an idea/fix for this. I am not well versed enough in routing tables to start just messing around.

BTW, great program, love it.


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FYI, I tested a couple other torrent apps (azureus, bittornado) and they both manifest the same symptom. So it's definitely not a problem uniquely with utorrent.

Oh well, I'll keep googling, and maybe I'll find the right combination of keywords some day.

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