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D/L speed around 20?


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I have a 800/300 kbps connection and I used to get around 50KB download using BitComet and utorrent, but, since last week I only get 20 or lower with every torrent i try. They were all good, my connection is normal too (tested) upload and download ok. Ports open.

I've tried every solution i've found without success, tried many conbination of Connection, Upload speed... But they didn't had effect.

I've tried changing ports and resseting the connection, but...

The funny part of it is: When the download go above 20 it stays like that less then 10 seconds, in this time it goes up to 40 and down to 10, then... ~20 again

i've tried Azureus too, but it didn't seem to work, with it, the download isn't stable it goes from 10 to 70 then 10 again, but the avarage download speed is 20...

i don't know wat to do!!

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my upload rate is 25KB/s continually. max is 30KB/s, but i don't yhink this is the problem, because it was always that.

UPDATE: I changed some configs and now I have a oscilating problem, it goes Up to 40, down to 10 then again and again...

Note: I've tried a .torrent that i downloaded before the problem, Before: 70+ KB/s continually (without oscilating most time) Now: ~25 KB/s (with oscilations)

Help please!

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I have the same exact problem!

No matter what the torrent, I get speeds at around 10 kb/s, with occasional jolts in speed up to 30-40 kbs...thats if I'm lucky!

Also, I'm having the same problems with other clients...infact, I have every single problem you have. I have no idea why. I've contacted my ISP, and they claim my connection is fine..and they have no history of throttling my BT...so I don't think its that.

I usually have speeds of at least 60 kb/s, often reaching 300, 400 +...this is rather frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas?

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