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willing to pay to install this addon...


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Like the title says.. Ive tried all night to install 'Multi-user Webui Shell' I can access it when I go to '/webgui_shell' But not '/gui'

If you can help my email is alex2k4uk[at]hotmail.com. Thanks in advance

I am running ubuntu desktop 8.04 btw, have installed apache, php and mysql.

The only problem is it wont find the /gui/ address it can only find it if I type the real folder name

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I think Apache2 on Ubuntu is configured with a single virtual host by default. This means that the Rewrite lines have to be inserted into the VirtualHost directive.

On top of that Ubuntu splits up its Apache2 configuration over multiple files (and then includes them into the main conf file).

See if the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/default exists and open it in a texteditor. Look for the DocumentRoot line and place the Rewrite lines directly below it.

Rewrite lines:

    RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/gui/?(.*)$ /webui_shell/index.php?shell_file=$1 [QSA]

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