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Abnormal RAM usage on target machine


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I am experiencing another weird memory usage problem with uTorrent. I am running the newest (1.8.2) version of uTorrent on my Windows XP Pro 32bit PC (call it host) . I have noticed no specific problems on this PC yet. The torrents (data) however is being downloaded/saved via LAN onto a hard drive on another PC (call it server) which is running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 64bit. This server normally uses 1.3 GB out of 4 GB of memory when booted up and when it's usual services are started. However, I noticed that when I start uTorrent on my host PC, the server PC (where the actual files are getting saved) starts using memory at the rate of about 1 MB every 4 seconds. I first noticed this after uTorrent was already running for about a day and the used memory on the server was at 2600 MB at that moment. I presumed that the memory was never fully exhausted otherwise I would have gotten a warning on the server by now. And sure enough, when it reached about 2700 MB it then dropped down to 2200 MB used, and started rising again. I didn't wait for it to get to 2700 to see if it would drop again. I suspect it would have. I guess it cycles like that or something. I then closed uTorrent on my host PC and the RAM used on the server PC stopped rising immediately. Another 10 seconds later all the used RAM dropped from about 2500 MB down to the normal 1300 MB.

The server PC is pure Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, no third-party software/firewalls installed at all. It is obvious the anomaly is connected to uTorrent somehow but I have no idea to what extent since I can't imagine a uTorrent running on a completely different PC to be able to influence the ammount of memory used up on the server PC where torrents are being downloaded to. I thought that Windows Server 2008 itself uses memory when receiving data through shared network somehow but I really have no clue how it all works.

That's why I am hoping some of you would know why this is happening and if there's anything that I can do to fix it.

Thanks for the answer(s).

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