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Slow Speed On First Seed


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I have used BitTorrent successfully on this machine for a few years.

I have just uploaded my first torrent to Dime.

I am using uTorrent for this because the directions there are written for it.

I am doing the initial seed, and it is painfully slow - less than 1 Kb/s both ways. I am using a cable modem that has never had congestion issues.

I have looked over some of the speed posts and sticky links, and I'm not seeing anything that's a problem.

I am thinking I have one setting I have goofed up in my initial set up: I did everything today - setting up a static IP, port forwarding, creating the torrent, uploading, and so on.

I also have that yellow triangle in the status bar on - it doesn't really give me any idea what the problem is though.

I'm continuing to monitor this. The yellow triangle has gone off and been replaced by a green check mark. Speed did not improve.

I went through the items on the speed checklist. My upload speed is 300 Kb/s, my download is 2600 Kb/s. My port forwarding is checking out OK. I have my bandwidth set to 22/0/65 30 and 3.

I have a newish router. I have upnp and nat enabled on both uTorrent and my router.

I've been connected for about 6 hours now, and have uploaded 7Mb and downloaded 5Mb.

I just went and tested my connection with Slackware's link. I cranked up to 150 Kb/s on download fairly quickly and was still rising, and up to about 20 Kb/s on upload (about 200 times and 20 times faster than my seed for Dime).

Back to the problem first seed torrent. I am also getting different numbers in my status bar, than under my transfer tab. The former is showing steady, but really slow progress. The latter is showing 0 uploaded, 0 downloaded, and my availability bar is bright red.

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