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Please help!(connecting to trackers)


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I downloaded uTorrent about a month ago. It had great download and upload speeds and never had any problems or anything like that. I havent EVER touched any of the preferences except the number of downloads and uploads permitted at once. Its recently been turning the download icons red instead of blue and the problem it has is it says that the tracker is offline(timed out). I dont know anything about trackers or how to change them or anything but the tracker most of my downloads have is http://tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce. Ive looked for downloads with different trackers and they all had the same problem and I dont think that this tracker would be down for a few consecutive days anyway, so Im pretty sure its nothing wrong with the tracker itself, but rather maybe something wrong with my uTorrent or something? Please help! what can I do to fix this??

ps. I dont know much about the terminology used here.

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