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Help REQ: Incoming packets when not downloding!


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Hi guys,

Yesterday I freaked out and stopped my download, router everything and since then I'm kind of scared to start up utorrent. I've set up 60003 port for utorrent for downloads (had past with the default bitorrent port in the past so I figured out one thats working fine). And when I've stopped downloading, even restarted my machine I noticed that in mere minutes I still got 2mbyte of incoming communication! To my machine (got two on the network) only. Through the 60003port, from various ports from other ip addresses. I presume those were people still trying to download.

But what I dont understand is how could be that the program isn't running anymore but the router still not blocking incoming communication if I dont have the application and port open?

I've double checked my security at http://www.dslreports.com/tools, and the tool said no open ports! Also I got nothing setup in my router, rather new, and seems every application can connect to the internet just fine so I didnt set up any rules or nothing. In default there are no rules setup either.

I'm really confused and scared to be honest. Any advice what to set or test or do? :S

Many thanks!

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Attempts of incoming connections is normal after you have closed uT because peers try to connect to you (especially when DHT was on), it can last few hours or sometimes one day. Anyway your router should block them, especially if its has an internal firewall.

Look at the firewall policy in your router. In addition try to remove the port forwarding rules in your router, I think it should block them now.

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