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Modem hangs while i run utorrent 1.8.2 stable


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my processor is intel celeron 1.8 ghz

256 mb ram

gigabyt motherboard

40 gb ide hdd

and i use MOBIDATA edge modem

the thing is when i run utorrent 1.8.2 stable after 1 or 2 or maximum 3 hours it hangs and my internet line gets disconnected. it happens only when i try to download by using utorrent.

plz som1 help me....

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broadband gets disconnected automatically

HI, I use Beetel 220BX modem/router for BSNL (India)broadband 256kbps unlimited connection.

The problem is :

After a few hours of downloading files using utorrent @ 15kBytes/s or higher, the router hangs - means:

1. On the Modem The data indicator stays on - not blinking

2. The Link indicator is ON.

3. PC/USB indicator is blinks once in a while.

4. uTorrent shows 0.0 speed

5. all browsers stops downloading pages (page not found error)

6. DSL link is ok - I checked backend with BSNL Cust care

Ping to the router IP works. but router config page @ does not open up in browser.

I wonder uTorrent screws up something in the modem. coz when i exited utorrent the problem does not happen.

For once I thought downloading at max speeed may konk the modem, but then I used DAP ( with utorrent exited) to download @ 30kBytes/s and it did not hang ! so the problem is not the speed.

any suggestions?


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